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Know Some of the Benefits from a Mobile Massage Therapy

Stress, muscle tension, injury or pain are the results of long working hours at the computer, and can undeniably lead to a physical, emotional and mental drain of a person. These could impact negatively on both the work and social life of the person. The reduction of stress is considered as the most important benefit of massage therapy, and because of this, there will be an improvement and maintenance of a person’s general health, thereby alleviating or preventing the negative effects of stress. If one would continue to have this regularly, his or her pain could reduce, injuries will be prevented and there will be a maintenance of health. To stay healthy physically and mentally, you have to relieve yourself from stress which is the 90% factor of illness and pain.

Because of the reflex that affects through the autonomic nervous system, the internal organs are affected with the massage procedure thus giving the person relaxation, reduction of pain, and a boost of mood and mental clarity. A massage is also advisable for relaxation or stimulation, which you can apply to an individual who is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery, injury or poor health. Blood and lymph circulation is improved through massage, and it increases natural killer cells and lymphocytes which destroy cancer cells, mood is being improved because of the increase of serotonin and dopamine thus relieving pain with the increased endorphins. Furthermore, massage can relax the body, decreasing the blood pressure and heart rate, and stress and depression are reduced. Know also that massage can provide symptomatic relief brought about by acute and chronic conditions like headache, facial pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. You will get further benefits from massage as it promotes digestion, mobility of joints, relaxation of muscles, and relieved from cramps or spasms.

Today, massage therapy has moved into new areas like medical massage and thus has become increasingly sophisticated and effective, and this is the fastest mode of massage nowadays. Because of this growing emphasis on specialization, hospitals find it necessary to provide medical massage to its patients like cancer patients, hospital patients and pregnant women. There are different settings that medical massage can be given, and these are from the setting of a hospital, in an outpatient clinic or as a mobile therapy where therapists will go to the home of the patient to conduct a personally tailored treatment fit for the patient.

In the case of a cancer patient undergoing massage therapy, there close attention to the side effects of the curative medical treatment in order to develop the right protocol for the patient.

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