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Top Things to Do in Clearwater Beach With Kids

One of the world’s best relaxation getaway spot is the Clearwater Beach. It has encompassed all the best features a beach could have. The beach has all kinds of activities that cater for all the different types of people and age groups. Planning for the journey to this beach requires you to understand the kind of activities you are to partake in so that you can plan your itinerary. See below a few of the fun activities to enjoy at Clearwater Beach while with the kids.

A visit to the popular pier is a good start. The pier is undoubtedly among the very best features on this beach. You can begin by going fishing at the pier by renting some fishing gear and have a good time, or decide to have a picnic at the pavilion or just wait till the sunset where they have a night festival with beautiful entertainment, great food, an ambiance to die for and so much more.

The other thing to try is the surfing. There is a surf shop at the beach which has some wave machines where you can take your kids to try surfing out. Rather than have the kids try to surf in the big ocean, use this surf shop to have them learn how to do it safely and still have tons of fun.
Clearwater beach does have an aquarium which you and your kids will surely enjoy. It is also a place to learn a lot especially for kids. There is a wide variety of aquatic animals in this aquarium that you and your kids can see. Dolphins are adorable animals and your kids will love to see them so close.

Another fun thing to do while at this beach is to visit the beach. The joy of building castles and swimming at the shores can only be understood when you actually do it. The Clearwater beach is the epitome of fun and you cannot afford to miss out. Take a cooler, snacks, sunscreen and a beach umbrella and you and the kids can enjoy the sun.

Another way you get enjoy yourself and kids in Clearwater Beach is through mini golf. It is a favorite of many kids around the world. It is crucial to note that you will get mini golf courses in this beach from the few shops there are. The little golf course travels onto a pirate ship. Many of the kids love pirates and all and this could be one of the spectacular thing they have done. It is after playing a few games, you can go into the game room and see if you can win some great prizes that your kids can look at as souvenirs later on.

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