How Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction Works

Individuals have been questioning the power of the mind and its ability to create what a person wants in their life for thousands of years. The concept can be complicated to understand, but the release of The Secret film opened up the eyes of people of all ages and faiths and translated the ideas of manifestation and the law of attraction in to easy to understand terms. Here is a quick look at how they work, and why many find them to be one of the most powerful tools of the human race.

Like Attracts Like

One of the most prevalent theories proposed in the film is the idea that like attracts like. If a person surrounds themselves with negative people who are not supportive of them, then it is likely that their life will not be what they want. However, if a person surrounds themselves with loving, supportive individuals, then they are setting themselves up for success and helping to create the life they desire.

The Power Of The Spoken Word

The idea of the spoken word as a tool is a powerful element of the video. When a person says something, they create energy that is released into the universe, so saying negative things will attract negative actions. In reverse, saying positive statements and mantras can create positivity by releasing positivity into the universe, and create a more positive life for the person.

It’s All About Mindset

Mindset is also an essential element of the film, and the concept of what a person thinks will happen is what will be manifested. If a person has a life they are unhappy with and are constantly thinking or fearing the worse, then the theory states that is what they will attract. A shifting of the mind to positive thoughts and outcomes will help a person to create a more positive existence, now and in the future.

Anyone looking for a way to enhance their life and attract more positive people and outcomes into their realm should consider using these tips. While the move has undergone scrutiny, millions of people live by the theories and incorporate them into their daily life.

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